Transform Your Voice

How I went from losing my voice on tour, to performing night after night with power and ease - using my 4 step Singing / Straw method.

Transform Your Voice in Minutes

The Singing / Straw Method is proven to help you develop power, balance and strength in your authentic voice.

What this (free) Masterclass will teach you: 



The 3 most common mistakes I see singers make in their singing.

We're not wasting time here. Get clear on exactly what is holding you back and more importantly how to break through.



The 4 part Singing / Straw Method and why it's darn close to magic. 

Let physics work for you - when you use the S/S method, you are training your vocal folds to work more efficiently - essentially more bang for your buck!



We'll SING! A hands on trial of singing with straw phonation.

If you have a Singing / Straw already, great! If not, I'll give you options to modify so you get a feel for the impact our method can have in your voice.

Hey Singers, I'm Whitney!

If you’re new here, I’m a vocal coach, studio owner, singer/songwriter and creator of the Singing / Straw which helps singers develop a healthier, stronger and more balanced voice. I’ve worked with thousands of singers over the years, from aspiring artists all the way to highly successful stadium touring artists.
I’ll never forget how excited I was for my first tour, only to find out how easy it was to lose your voice, despite years of training! I did everything I was supposed to- but still, show after show took a toll on my voice. 
Everything changed when I found straw phonation. Don’t get me wrong, this seemed like a joke when I first heard it. Singing through a straw helps your voice? What kind of insanity is this!? Despite my skepticism, I gave it a try, and it TRULY transformed my voice.
I had another tour planned a few months later, so this was really going to put my voice to the test. But with my S/S method, it was NIGHT DAY. It was like I had a brand new voice, no fatigue, no strain, no cracking! 

I’ve honed this method for years with my students, and I can’t wait to share it with YOU. Join me & I promise that you will see a real transformation in your voice.